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Free fire ultimo nivel. Free parking ultimo sunday. Ultimo free antes de la internacional. Free love ultimos cartuchos. Free últimos. What is Stardom? World Wonder Ring Stardom, or just Stardom for short, is a Joshi Puroresu(Japanese Women's Wrestling) company based in Tokyo. It was founded in 2011, and it's currently one of most successful Women's promotion in the world. As of October 2019, it's subsidiary of Bushiroad. That's the same parent company as New Japan Pro Wrestling. Stardom is a separate entity from NJPW managed by a different wing of Bushiroad. What is Stardom Wrestling like? Most Stardom Wrestlers wrestle a mix of traditional Japanese Strong Style, Lucha Libre, and American Wrestling. Most matches are 5-15 minutes long. Singles, tag team, and trios matches are common. Three way, and Fatal Fourway matches are also common on the under cards. Most shows feature 5 or 6 matches. There is also a little bit of comedy mixed into the product without taking away from the sportsmanship. Overall, it's a very fun brand of wrestling. What are the rules for Stardom matches? For most matches, victories come via 3 count pinfalls or submissions. In the case of rope breaks for submissions, a wrestler must be in full possession of the rope before the rope break is activated. Only touching the ropes is not enough. There is a 20 count outside the ring. Although that the count starts at the referee's discretion. Usually wrestlers are allowed to brawl for minutes on the outside until one has incapacitate the other and then the count starts. There is a 5 count for rope breaks or general misbehavior inside the ring. Some matches have over the top rope eliminations. These are common as a part of the Cinderella Tournament. Some tag team matches have lucha rules, so there is no tag necessary. In general, the ref will allow some freedom for double teams in the ring. Weapon use is prohibited, although it's not an automatic DQ. The ref will usually do his best to stop it and let the match continue. Disqualifications are possible, but very rare. The ref will allow the action to go as long as he can. A wrestler has to be extremely out of control to earn a DQ. How often do Stardom Shows run? Sometimes they run multiple shows a week, and sometimes there is a small hiatus due to scheduling. Overall, it averages out to about six to nine shows a month. They regularly run shows in multiple locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Nagoya, Yokohama, and a few other cities in Japan. Shows outside of Japan happen on rare occasions as well. Shinkiba 1st Ring in Tokyo is the venue that they run most often, and Korakuen Hall is where most of the big shows are held. Who wrestles for Stardom? Stardom has a mix of Japanese and international talent. The international talent comes from the US, Mexico, Europe, and Australia. Big names such as Kairi Sane(Kairi Hojo in Stardom) Io Shirai, Nicky Storm(WWE's Nicky Cross) Piper Niven(AKA Viper) The Alpha Female, Taya Valkyrie, Chelsea Green and more have wrestled in Stardom. A few male names such as Minoru Suzuki, Dr. Wagner Jr, Ultimo Dragon and Kenny Omega have also wrestled in the past on rare occasions. A breakdown of Stardom's roster: Queens Quest: The tweener faction in Stardom. They want to push Stardom to be the best. Momo Watanabe. Stardom's true heart. A fierce fighter with a bright future. She is the Ace of Queens Quest. AZM - Pronounced "Azumi. “The JK Fighter”(High School Fighter) and “Queens Quest's Bomb Girl”. A young & agile rebel that will stomp you to the ground. The most experienced member of Queens Quest. She's everyone's senpai. Utami Hayashishita – The hammer of Queens Quest. Shes a power wrestler with a judo background. Shes pushing Stardoms best to the limit from day one. Hina - Sister of Stars' Hanan and Tokyo Cyber Squad's Rina. She's a no nonsense straight forward fighter with judo skills. She favors the color blue. Leo Onozaki. The Lion Heart. A firey babyface with a lot of energy. She loves hitting cutters and back elbows. Oedo Tai: The rule breaking heels of Stardom. Natsu Sumire. The Minister in charge of reversing Japan's declining birthrate. She is beautiful, cowardly, and vain. Saki Kashima - A creative and energetic fighter. She's an old school delinquent who betrayed the Stars unit. She's not to be trusted. Natsuko Tora. The Female Warrior of Joshi. She is a tough enforcer who hates to lose. She walks down her own path, and she wants to bathe Stardom in darkness. Bea Priestley - The Top Gaijin. An accomplished wrestler from the UK. She's a fighter with a mean streak, and an unapologetic badass. "Session Moth" Martina - The party don't start until Martina shows up. Jamie Hayter - UK based phenomenon with hard hitting offense and aspirations to be the best in the world. Stars - The babyface stable that sticks together(sort of) Mayu Iwatani. Sky-Blue Hyper Technician. The Icon of Stardom. The Gift. A fierce high flyer that will do anything(within the rules) to win. Master of the two stage Dragon Suplex. The first and so far only World of Stardom and Wonder of Stardom duel champion. Arisa Hoshiki. The Shinning Star Of Stardom. Possibly the greatest kicker in the history of wrestling. A member of Stardom's debut class. She has a bit of a complicated relationship with Tam Nakano. Tam Nakano. The Violet Kung Fu Girl. Pop singer, Kung Fu master, licensed fireworks expert, Deathmatch wrestler, die hard fan of Pandas. There are many sides to Tam Nakano. The Starlight Kid. The Genius Girl. A high flying technician. The only masked wrestler currently in Stardom. The first Future Of Stardom champion. Hanan - H-A-N-A-N. She uses Judo to get an advantage her opponents. Saya Iida. The Little Giant" Giant Saya. A little wrestler with a big heart. She's currently the smallest member of the roster. She'll dropkick you across the ring. Tokyo Cyber Squad - Everyone is different. Everyone is good. The revolutionary non-conformists of Stardom. Hana Kimura - The charismatic and chaotic cybergoth leader of TCS. Hana Kimura does as Hana Kimura wants to do. Jungle Kyona. Jan-Kyo. A high energy dynamo. She has Jungle Power and she will use it to clothesline people's heads off. The former leader of the now dead Jungle Assault Nation group. Konami - A student of WWE's Asuka(Kana. A fierce shooter with amazing kicks and submissions. If she locks in her Triangle Lancer submission she wins 100% of the time. Kaori Yoneyama - AKA Death-Yama-San. A joshi legend. Former OZ Academy Tag Team Champion. Former Stardom Tag Team champion. Runs her own shows under the YMZ brand. Often teams with and against rookies. Loves Dragonball and cosplay. Rina - Sister of Stars' Hanan and Queens Quest's Hina. She's mini-Hana Kimura. Ruaka. The Future Warrior. She's not a Kappa, she's a monster. But don't let that fool you. She's also powerful. Bobbi Tyler - A promising up and coming UK talent. Gets along very well with Hana. Rebel Kel - A tall American power house with a lot of potential. Zoe Lucas - Charismatic and sometimes duplicitous. She wants to outsmart her opponents. Donna Del Mondo - Stardom's newest unit. Their goal is disruption. Giulia - The serpent that seeks chaos. She's a powerful foe with hard hitting offense. She's formerly from the Ice Ribbon promotion. Maika Deadly serious. She's a hard hitting rookie from the JTO promotion. Syuri Konno - Giulia's hired gun. A former UFC fighter and a member of the Makai specialty promotion and a one of the most feared freelancers in Japan. Miscellaneous - Free talent that aren't associated with one unit and can team with everyone Riho - Formerly of Ice Ribbon and Gatoh Move, and currently of AEW. She's a young veteran technical wizard. Saya Kamitani. Future Star Candidate. She's an athletic idol in her rookie year. She has a lot of fire and cool dance moves. Itsuki Hoshino. The Shiny Rookie. The newest Stardom rookie. She's all heart. Andras Miyagi - A former member of the Sendai Girls promotion and former member of Oedo Tai. she is a head banging psycho hybrid wrestler who can beat you in many different ways. Her current whereabouts are unknown. World Selection - Miscellaneous foreign wrestlers from the US, UK, Europe, Mexico, and other parts of the world that happen to be touring Stardom. Sometimes they are loosely associated with the other units. Zoey Sky Leyla Hirsch Sendai Girls: At least once a year for the past few years Stardom and Sendai Girls have cooperated to share talent. You may see some Sendai Girl talent appear on Stardom shows and vice-versa. Meiko Satomura - A joshi legend. The leader of the Sendai Girls company. Usually comes to Stardom to destroy Io, and Mayu. Chihiro Hashimoto - A highly accomplished amateur wrestler turned pro. In her young career she has managed to become two time Sendai Girls champion. Mika Iwata - A protege of Meiko. She is deadly with her kicks. Marvelous: Another promotion that Stardom has worked with recently. Takumi Iroha - Former member of Stardom. Currently one of the bright stars of Marvelous. Rin Kadokura - Tag team partner of Takumi. Together they are New-Tra. GPS-Pro: The former home promotion of Konami. Tam has also worked there. Act Yasukawa currently works there as a ring announcer and office member. Miscellaneous: Other people that you are likely to see around Stardom: Rossy Ogawa - The President of Stardom. Takaaki Kidani - Bushiroad executive. Sometimes shows up to get smacked around by Hana Kimura. Fuka - One of the founders of Stardom and the former General Manager. She also trained rookie wrestlers, and was the ring announcer for many years. She's retired. P(with his niece, Panko. Tam's manager and right hand panda. Kagetsu - The Prime Minister of Stardom. A high flying, powerful rule breaking badass. Her last match in Stardom was in January 2020 and she retired February 2020. Hazuki. The Assault Commander. Formerly known as HZK and Reo Hazuki. A young & badass rebel that will kick you in the face. She's all about high speed all out offense. She retired December 2019. Prince - Konami's mask and friend. Here to make sure that the world gets #KonamiAllBelts and #KonamiAllPoints Yurie Kozakai - Stardom's newest ring announcer and a voice actress. Io Shirai. The Genius of the Sky. An all-time great legend level wrestler. The founder of Queens Quest. Kairi Hojo. The Pirate Princess. Known as Kairi Sane in WWE. One of the most decorated champions in Stardom history. Yuzuki Aikawa - The first Wonder of Stardom champion. She retired years ago, but she pops up on occasion as a guest in various Stardom related events. Madusa - Stardom's commissioner. WWE Hall of Famer. She comes to Stardom about once a year to make sure things are operating properly and give some wisdom. Bull Nakano - A joshi legend. She does commentary for the Samurai TV broadcasts and serves as a mentor for the roster. Act Yasukawa - Creator of Oedo Tai. One of the most popular wrestlers in Stardom history. Currently works for GPS-Pro as a ring announcer. Michiko Ohmukai - A legend from Arsion(a late 90's-early 2000's company. A spiritual predecessor to Stardom. Last time we saw her, she was aligned with Oedo Tai. Hiromi Mimura. The Indomitable Princess. Charisma personified. A short but fierce technician. Shout! She's retired. Kris Wolf - An American Wolf in Japan. Founding member of Oedo Tai. She loves meat, and you are her prey. Hiroyo Matsumoto - Lady Godzilla. She works with almost every Women's promotion in Japan and is highly successful. Kyoko Kimura - Hana Kimura's mom, co-founder of Oedo Tai, and Joshi legend. She runs a very popular pink food truck and can often be seen outside of wrestling shows. Nao Yamaguchi - She is an Axe-Bomber throwing Gravure idol. Former member of Oedo Tai. Shiki Shibusawa - The new heroine. She was a former member of stars and regular tag team partner with Starlight Kid and Tam Nakano. Known for her dropkicks. Chardonnay - A well traveled UK wrestler with multiple Stardom tours under her belt. Mary Apache - She's a lucha libre legend out of Mexico. She comes from a legendary family, and she is a former High Speed Champion. Natsumi - She is the latest in the Apache Dynasty from Mexico. A fresh face with a lot of moves up her sleeve. She is the daughter of Mary Apache. Xia Brookside - A young wrestler out of the UK. She's the daughter of Robbie Brookside, and she has a bright future. Viper - The Scottish giantess. She is a mighty powerhouse. What's the deal with the kids? This is something that western fans might find odd, but it's not that big a deal when you put it into it's proper context. There are no age limits to Wrestling in Japan. They train anyone that seeks training and is capable of doing the work. Which has lead to children as young as 9 or 10 years old to wrestle. It's no different than kids going to martial arts classes in America. Stardom has very experienced trainers. The kids are trained to wrestle in a very safe and basic style. The super young kids only wrestle short exhibition matches until they reach a certain age(11 if I'm not mistaken. And wrestling doesn't interfere with their school. There is a very large sample size of Joshi wrestlers starting their careers before the age of 16. Way more than I could possibly list in various companies across many years. Wrestlers under 12 years old are far more rare, but there are a few success stories. For example, Riho debuted full time for the Ice Ribbon promotion when she was 9 years old. She has well over a decade of experience today and is one of the best wrestlers in the scene. Stardom's AZM started training when she was 9 years old and made her debut when she was 11 years old. Based on years in the ring, she's currently the second most experienced Stardom original. You can read AZM's own words on the subject here. Overall, this is the equal of an after school martial arts career or contact sport like Football or Hockey for them. Who are the current Stardom Champions? World of Stardom Championship (“The Red Belt”, the main title. Mayu Iwatani Wonder of Stardom Championship (“The White Belt”, second most important title. Arisa Hoshiki SWA World Championship (Inter-promotional Belt defended around the world. Jamie Hayter High Speed Championship (Formerly the NEO High Speed Championship. Riho Goddess of Stardom Championship (Tag Team Titles) – Oedo Tai(Bea Priestley & Jamie Hayter) Artist of Stardom Championship (Trios Titles) – Queens Quest(Momo Watanabe, AZM. Utami Hayashishita) Future of Stardom Championship - Utami Hayashishita. Are there any annual tournaments or special events? Yes, a few: Cinderella Tournament - A one night, single elimination tournament held in the spring. The winner gets any match that they want. Last year's winner is Arisa Hoshiki. 5 Star Grand Prix - A two bracket, round robin tournament held at the end of Summer. The winner gets a shot the World of Stardom title. Last year's winner is Hana Kimura. Tag Team League - A single bracket, round robin tournament held in the Fall. The winners get a shot at the Tag Team titles. The last winners were Arisa Hoshiki & Tam Nakano. Rookie of Stardom Tournament - A one night tournament for the rookie class. The Winner is declared the Stardom Rookie of the Year. The last winner was Saya Kamitani. Janken Tournament - Rock, Paper, Scissors and cosplay. For Ogawa's money, or at least some of Ogawa's money. The last winner was Jungle Kyona. Masked Fiesta - Every Halloween the Stardom roster are replaced by a strange band of masked wrestlers. Dream Come True Tournament - A two show, one day tournament held for the first time July 2018. It's unknown if there will another edition this year. The first winner was Tam Nakano. High Speed League - Currently ongoing High Speed style tournament. Are there Stardom power rankings? Not officially. If I had to do a power ranking based on my own personal opinion: S Level - Mayu Iwatani, Arisa Hoshiki A Level - Bea Priestley, Momo Watanabe B Level - Jamie Hayter, Jungle Kyona, Konami, Hana Kimura, Utami Hayashishita, Riho, Tam Nakano, Giulia C Level - AZM, Starlight Kid, Saki Kashima, Natsu Sumire, Natsuko Tora, Andras Miyagi D Level - Saya Iida, Saya Kamitani E Level - Hanan, Leo Onozaki, Ruaka, Itsuki Hoshino F Level - Hina, Rina This is highly debatable, but it gives you a general idea. How can I watch Stardom? There are one legal option outside of Japan: Stardom has it's own online streaming service, Stardom World. It costs 920 yen per month(roughly 8. 00 ~ 9. 00 USD. It's available world wide. For that you get: Note: Some people have problems with their payment information due to the machine translation on the website. Either turn off the machine translation before hitting submit or switch the expiration month and year. That fixes the problem for most people 1-2 matches per day. The exact release schedule varies based on the actual show schedule. It takes time to edit and translate all the footage, and Stardom is a small company that can't afford a full media department to run the service. Normally everything is up with 5 to 6 days of a show happening. Special features. Hang out with Mayu Iwatani as she takes her dog to a pet shop, or watch Io Shirai, Kairi Hojo(WWE's Kairi Sane) and Mayu Iwatani answer questions. That sort of deal. These are not translated into English. Back cataloged shows from the early days of Stardom. These are posted when there is a long break in the show schedule. All in all it averages out to 1 or 2 videos a day. The site is in Japanese with machine translation into English for text navigation. Some extra videos don't have translation, some extra videos have machine translation, but the main matches have very good natural English translation for pre-match promos. On occasion, in ring banter and post match promos if it's important to the story as well. Warning: If you pay for Stardom World on the 28th of the month you will be charged again on the 1st of the next month. It's not a lot of money, but you should know that ahead of time. This is just a quirk of the way Japanese streaming services work in general. The new version of the website is still working out some quirks with the payment processing. If you run into any issues see the section about contacting Stardom below. Warning: If you cancel your service will shut down and you won't be able to watch anymore. Make sure that you don't cancel before there is a show that you want to watch. Again, this is just a quirk of Japanese streaming services. If you live in Japan you also have the option to watch Stardom's major shows on Samurai TV. They usually air a short time after the shows have taken place. Often in an edited, shorten fashion. They also show a lot of replays of older Stardom shows. Check your local listings. Can I watch Stardom World on (Insert Device name) Stardom world works on Windows Mac and Linux PC's, IOs devices, and Android devices. It's been reported to work with FireTV devices via the Amazon Silk browser, X-Box via the Edge browser, and Chromecast. Stardom World uses an HTML5 player. Other devices may or may not work. If it's a deal breaker for you it's best to ask before signing up just in case. I'm new to Stardom, where should I start? Depends on how you want to watch. It's perfectly fine to jump in on the latest show. Stardom is pretty easy to follow, and it shouldn't take more than a show or two to be fully up to speed with the current roster. If you want to watch as much as you can in order, the earliest jumping on point right now is November 2018. That's well over 30 shows with over an hour of wrestling each. Also, this: The first six things to watch on Stardom world These are not the best or more important matches in Stardom per say. These will just serve as a nice introduction to the roster. So you can get a feel for what people are about. In no particular order: Konami & Jungle Kyona Vs Starlight Kid & Riho - The tag team champions face off against two of the representatives of the High Speed style of wrestling. Bea Priestley Vs Hana Kimura - World Of Stardom title match. The charismatic challenger against the badass champion. Giulia Vs Saki Kashima - Giulia is the new kid in Stardom and she wants to make a statement against one of the definative Stardom wrestlers. Konami & Jungle Kyona Vs Bea Priestley & Jamie Hayter - Can the top foreigners currently in Stardom detrone the tag team champions? STARS Vs Queens Quest - Six Man Tag matches are amoung Stardom's specialty. Mayu Iwatani & Kagetsu Vs Momo Watanabe & Jungle Kyona - Kagetsu's last match in Stardom before her retirement tour. Four of the most important wrestlers in Stardom history in a once in a life time tag team match. We Are Stardom TV series In Japan, Stardom recently got a TV time slot. It's a half hour, and they put up episodes for free on Youtube after they air. Unlike Stardom World, the shows don't have English subtitles. But they're an easy free way to sample the product. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4. How can I find out what's coming up? For the most part you don't need to know that much. Stardom keeps a schedule of up coming show dates. The cards for most small Stardom shows are thrown together like a real sports league. The promoter booked it, so they must fight. If you absolutely need to know every match that is coming up then keep an eye out for Stardom's English Twitter and Stardom's Japanese Twitter accounts. They announce upcoming matches a few days before the show happens. Spoiler Warning. Those accounts live tweet results so you may get spoiled before you get a chance to see the match on Stardom World. For bigger shows and long term storylines, wrestlers challenge each other on camera. So, if you watch the show you know what are the big matches that are coming up regardless. I'm a fan either in Japan or traveling to Japan. How do I find out the schedule and/or get tickets? Stardom keeps a schedule here. You can reserve tickets directly with Stardom at or. You can email them in English. You can also contact any wrestler via email to reserve tickets. If you happen to already be in Japan, you can get Stardom tickets via most if not all wrestling ticket outlets. I'm a wrestler and I'm interested in traveling to Japan and working with Stardom. What do I do? Different avenues to land a spot with Stardom: Stardom USA Contact Stardom directly Stardom's schedule is already packed. So allow them time to consider you. Going from experience of watching Stardom for a while I can tell you that you probably need to commit for at least a couple of months if you want a spot. How can I contact Stardom if I have any questions or problems? Stardom's official email address is and. Allow up to a day for a response due to time zones. If you don't hear back within a few days try again. Sometimes the staff is swamped with other work. For tickets you can email or. For general information. And for the Japanese fanclub. I'm just a fan, but I'm willing to answer questions whenever possible. Visit r/stardomjoshi / for more Stardom discussions, and discussions of other Joshi promotions as well.

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