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Director Danny Cannon / 6,1 of 10 / USA / review Amid a barren Earth from end to end and on the ashes of a scorched twenty-second-century New York City, the gargantuan post-nuclear metropolis, Mega-City One, harbours uncontrolled and widespread violence. To maintain the law and order, the elite force of the lethally efficient "Judges" operate as the supreme authority, being the judge, the jury, and the instant executioner where the crime flourishes: in the city's violent streets. Having a reputation for being a pitiless and incorruptible bearer of justice, the infamous enforcer, Judge Dredd, finds himself on the wrong side of the law, when the megalomaniac and former judge, Rico, frames him, bent on putting into action his ambitious plan. Now, the stage is set for the ultimate showdown. Can Rico escape when justice is coming? / cast Sylvester Stallone